Keith's Photos

A rough and ready photo website, because flickr is next to useless now

Wildlife Holidays

Pantanal 2023

Maldives 2019

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Falklands, South Gergia & Antarctica



Gal√°pagos Islands





Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Eclipse Holidays

Chile Total Eclipse

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USA Total Eclipse

Madagascar Annular Eclipse

Indonesia Total Eclipse

Easter Island Total Eclipse

Japan Total Eclipse

Uganda Annular Eclipse

Russia Total Eclipse

Tunisia Annular Eclipse

Cultural Holidays

Japan 2022

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Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand 2018

Western Canada and NW USA 2017

Namibia 2015

Argentina 2015

Japan 2013

Eastern Med 2011

Southern California 2010

Japan 2009

Panama Canal and South America 2008

Russia 2008

India's Golden Triangle 2008

Alaska 2007

Hawaii 2006

Tunisia 2005

China 2004

Yucatan 2003

Motorsports Holidays

Japan F1 GP 2022

Austin F1 GP 2019

Silverstone F1 GP Friday 2022

Mercedes F1 Team Factory Day 2022

Silverstone F1 GP Friday 2021

Silverstone Moto GP

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Monza F1 GP 2009

Le Mans 24 Hours 2005

Malaysia F1 GP 2006